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Full Store Makeover (FSM)

Full store makeover aims to maximize retail space utilization at the same time creating aesthetic ambience that attracts all shoppers. This end-to-end solution starts with planning the layout and ends with opening of the refurbished store with eye-catching window display, ample exposure to products, raising the comfort level of shoppers while choosing product and smooth flow of traffic.

Part Store Makeover (PSM)

Should the retailer desire to enhance only a part of in-store display, Creative Display does that to match the existing system. From the wide range of modular wall and floor display systems, the one that fits the space available and harmonizes with the existing system is suggested. The infrastructure ensures ready stock of most systems.

Fixtures Delivery and installation can be done in 2 days.*(*conditions apply)

Shop Fitting Assistant

Our Customers

We provide services across retail segments as shown below. Today  traditional  retailers are facing many challenges to attract & retain customers due to heavy competitions from organized retail & online retail.


With their wide range - each with varying styles, designs and colours – display of garments is a challenging task. Creative Display makes it easy using diverse yet complementary systems to make Choosing garments a customer’s delight.

Food & Consumer Products:

A mind-boggling range of products, each with multiple brands: groceries to ready-to-eat products, mineral water to soft drinks, detergents to toiletries and everything else. Each fighting for exposure. Well planned systems from Creative Display easily transform potential chaos and trolley-jams into well- organized smooth flowing customer traffic.


Footwear stores have their unique challenges too. Different brands with a range of products, each with a variety of styles, colours and sizes.

Above all, the shopper’s determination to try out the shoe before buying. Creative Display systems provide the perfect solution to make choosing shoes a shopper’s delight.


A wide range of consumer electronics products ranging from mobile to TV, PC TO ipad, microwave oven to washing machine and a lot more. Many brands, numerous options. Creative Display provides the optimum solution.

Cookware, Houseware, Gifts & Accessories:

House hold products ranging from kitchenware to dining sets, furniture to carpets, gift items to accessories and more. Unique challenges. Creative Display systems provide adequate exposure to each brand, each product to make shopping a pleasure and many more….

Creative Display with its experiences & services is in a unique & advantageous position to service many retailers in these challenges.

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